HOT The word new as would be seen on a sticker on an item in store inventory trying to attract new customers. COLORING

We are prototyping a coloring book that will teach tech fundamentals to kids.

Hand holding a colored A is for algorithm coloring book page.

Currently Available:

Physical Coloring Book

For a $20 USD advance (plus shipping and tax sigh) we will send you a physically printed coloring book of A-Zs of computer science and tech fundamentals.

Any "financiers" who purchase the book in advance will get a shout out in the acknowledgements!

We are also hoping to include a long, ad free, privately hosted video that will explain each page to your kids.

You can set them down with the video and coloring book while you go do something else for an hour and feel good at life.

Digital Coloring Page

For 0.0001 of bitcoin, we will email you the beta digital coloring page for A.


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